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International rail freight transport

MERANS Rail Ltd. is a licensed carrier for Czech and Slovak Republics, with valid safety certificate and together with its railway subsidiary of the METRANS group it also provides transport services in Germany, Austria, Poland and Hungary, or with its contractual partners in other European countries, with one locomotive across the whole of Europe without the need of crossing the border. Speed and reliability are our advantages.

We specialize in just-in-time transportation of container trains. We are able to transport trains quickly and keep a precise timetable. This is confirmed by the success of the regular container trains from Prague to Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Duisburg, Salzburg and other destinations in Europe. We prefer transport based on a regular timetable where we guarantee high quality and reliability. METRANS Rail currently carries 180 block trains per week on a regular schedule in the Czech Republic.

In addition to regular trains, METRANS Rail can also offer:

  • Ad-hoc transport of coherent commodity trains also outside combined transport.
  • Special transport, such as transport of unapproved vehicles for testing.
  • Transport of oversized cargo.

The GPS train positioning system enables accurate positioning of the train during transport, and our customers always have up-to-date information about their expected arrival at the workstation and current location.

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